It’s Alive!

To accompany the Seeing Now photography exhibit.

Live! In Fox Court: A once in a lifetime performance by Jenny Flash and the Exposures! Taking their classic Motown sound to new heights, local headliners, The Motorettes, will perform in a newly configured line-up, look and sound! Plus, they will also be more photogenic than ever before!

Plus DJ Matt Walter spinning Music Since 1960!

With photographer Christopher Graham shooting an array of stylized models and guests live, throughout the evening. Featuring the make-up magic of Ida Slaughter, styling wizardry of Pam Haner and spirit of Susan Lake from the Russ Meyer classic, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Garden Room
A film projection by artist, Rahne Alexander will explore cinematic photographers and paparazzi in a kaleidoscopic loop of found footage manipulated to distort time, image and perspective.


Christopher Graham
Rahne Alexander
Katrina Ford
Ida Slaughter
Pam Haner
Guy Werner
Miles DeNiro
Josh Sisk
David Armacost

David Fair
Stephanie Halpern
Chad Mellendick
Alex Wein
Rob Brulinski
Chuck Green
Joe Giordano
Karen Summerville
DC Dogs
Kristen Anchor
Patrick McGuinn
Chrissy Howland
Paul Cholewa
Rick Johnson
Todd Matte
Christian Hali

Friday, May 6
6:30 PM - 11:30PM

The Baltimore Museum of Art
10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, MD

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